Ballet Basics (age 6)

Ballet Basics is the bridge between the Pre-dance classes and Ballet I and is meant to give the children a solid preparation for serious classical ballet training.

The structure of the class starts out with exercises on the floor. The children no longer mirror the teacher’s movements; they have to think independently about right and left and learn to count each exercise. These exercises are a core ingredient of class-producing more flexibility and strength. The children come away from this class with stronger abdominals, a straighter back, and more control of the shoulders, arms, legs and feet. Turnout (rotating the legs outward from the hips) is gently introduced: demi plies, tendus, and sautĂ©s, are gradually done with turnout. The children who complete Ballet Basics are prepared to enter the world of classical ballet training. Students who move on to other pursuits will take with them better posture, more poise, grace, and a greater sense of discipline.

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