Twinkle Toes Sock & Shoe Drive

“The sound of feet approaching begins like a light rain. With every moment the feet get closer the promise of hope grows like a growing rainstorm. I’ve come as part of a humanitarian effort bringing food to this refugee camp during Eid. Oddly, I’m drawn to the children’s feet. Most have no shoes or only one. The outgrown shoes and clothing I’ve brought from my own children to give away aren’t enough. ‘What will they do in winter’, I ask another volunteer? With sadness she tells me every winter is the same: they still have no shoes when it is coldest and needed most.”

As a result of this visit last August to Gaza Refugee camp in Jerash, Melissa Sweiss, Director and Founder of the School of Amman Ballet, determined to bring shoes and socks to these children.Image0113

The School of Amman Ballet (SAB) will host the first-ever Twinkle Toes Shoe & Sock Drive for the under-served children living in Gaza Camp in Jerash and Maeen Tent People. Our hope is to make this an annual community outreach.  Please contact Carrie Cole the program director: for more information or to make a donation

We are planning to launch the Shoe & Sock drive city-wide on Monday, November 30. The last day to receive donations will be January 3rd. During the two weeks our volunteer team would be responsible for the set-up and upkeep of the boxes and to manage the pick-up of the donated shoes & socks. The gently used shoes and socks will be delivered to the camps after Christmas.

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