Letters to Jordan Times Editor

To encourage arts

My daughter is performing in this show and, ironically, I see dancers from several dance schools participating in the production. If the writer of the letter is in support of the arts in Amman and truly encourages her students to pursue ballet as a career, she should encourage her students to audition and participate in such productions.In response to the letter “Easy dancing” (The Jordan Times, November 18, 2009), expressing disappointment with the article “School of Amman Ballet to bring the Nutcracker to Jordan”, I would like to applaud the article’s writer and The Jordan Times for covering the story.

This is the first time that the Nutcracker ballet is being performed with a live symphony in Amman and it is nice to see someone supporting and providing more work for artists such as these musicians.

Every major city in the world has the Nutcracker ballet performed at Christmastime. If we have so many places in Amman for girls to have “good ballet training”, why is this the first time the symphony will get to perform Tchaikovsky’s masterpiece with dancers?

I believe the last time the Nutcracker was danced in Amman was over seven years ago, with no orchestra, mind you.

When I sit through the rehearsals every Friday at the National Music Conservatory and see over 100 other parents taking time out of their precious weekend to support this ambitious endeavour, I am proud not only of my daughter but even more so of my fellow countrymen.

At this Friday’s rehearsal, we were invited to participate in the School of Amman Ballet “Twinkle Toes Shoe Drive”, whereby we will be collecting socks and shoes for two refugee camps to deliver before Christmas. Wow, a ballet school that is also teaching my daughter the principle of sharing and caring for fellow citizens!

I hope to see more projects like this in my country.

Dr.Fares Khoury,

Department of Biological Sciences,

Hashemite University,


22 November 2009

Easy dancing

I was very disappointed to read the article “School of Amman Ballet to bring the Nutcracker to Jordan” (The Jordan Times, October 9, 2009).

There are many places in Amman for girls to have “good ballet training”: the NCCA under Rania Kamhawi, the BBO and Elite Dance Centre under Robin Nassar, to name a few.

As for the statement, “People here are striving for any type of arts… and pursuing an artistic career may not be an easy choice for many Jordanians,” I have to say that Jordan is a country full of artists and many Jordanians pursue artistic careers.

As to it being harder here than in the US, as an American who has been living in Palestine and Jordan for the past 10 years, I disagree. Going into the arts is a difficult choice in any country; it is not like every person in America who goes into the arts becomes a star. In fact, most do not, and parents, there as here, worry when that is the career choice, for they wonder whether it will help their child pay the bills.

Jordanians have been dancing for a long time. Ballet is not new to Jordan. You can take lessons in the British, Russian or American system.

Robin Nassar,

18 November 2009

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