KENZ to create Nutcracker Costumes

The SchooKenz lady 1l of Amman Ballet contracts KENZ to create Nutcracker Costumes

As a part of SAB’s initiative to support the local community, KENZ has been selected to design and sew costumes for The Nutcracker Christmas Spectacular.  These costumes are being created and constructed by KENZ women who are graduates of the Al Hussein Society for the Habilitation/Rehabilitation of the Physically Challenged.  “It would have been very easy to order costumes for the show from various dancewear companies, but giving work to a section of society that is so often is overlooked gives me great happiness.  The quality of the work and the workmanship of these women, on the other hand made the decision to go with Kenz for the costumes an easy one.  We started working with the Kenz seamstresses in the fall to provide ballet dresses for our pre-ballet students, so I knew they could deliver.  This year’s show is requiring over 100 costumes to be designed and delivered on a very tight timeline”, adds Melissa Sweiss, Director of The School of Amman Ballet.

Since 1979 the Al-Hussein Society (AHS) has focused on the rehabilitation and education of the physically challenged in Jordan.

The Al-Hussein Society is a nonprofit organization supported by private donations, grants and income generating projects such as the Kenz Gift Shop.

There is a treasure trove of gifts to be found in Kenz. It is a joint venture between AHS, the Holy Land Institute for the Deaf and other NGOs. The KENZ Gift Shop is a pioneer in the employment of adults with physical disabilities in Jordan. The employees are creative, productive, enthusiastic and skillful.

KENZ specializes in making party costumes (for school plays, Halloween…etc), and items for nurseries, including toy boxes, sets of tables and chairs for young children. KENZ also produces made-to-order tablecloths, cushions and a host of other items.

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