The School of Amman Ballet finds a New Home at the Haya Cultural Center in Shmesani

“Tucked into one of the busiest business districts of Amman, the Haya Cultural Center is targeting minds, and making an impact on the lives of nearly 50,000 Jordanian school children every year.”

“We are happy to be a part of the Haya Cultural Center.  Our mission at the School of Amman Ballet is to incorporate good ballet training with community outreach.  We thought we would find that by teaming up with other dance schools, but it seems those schools are primarily focused on the commercial aspect of dance training—not really congruous to our purpose. Our brief move to Tempo Dance Studios in the fall was a total disappointment.  The professional training environment we were promised simply did not exist”, shares Melissa Sweiss, Director of SAB

We have had some great highlights in 2009 and we are looking for even greater moments in 2010.  We are starting the year with the delivery of over 500 pairs of shoes to the Maen Tent People and the Gaza Camp in Jeresh.  On the cultural side we are looking forward to some more performances with the Amman Symphony Orchestra, a spring recital and of course the Nutcracker again in December.  This year we will focus on some underserved members of the community with classes for the Al Hussein Society for the Habilitation and Rehabilitation of the Handicap and the children of the At Risk Program of the River Jordan Foundation.

The Haya Cultural Center is located on Abdel Hameed Sharaf street at the center between the Arab Bank and the traffic light in front of the Almuthana pharmacy.


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