Peter and the Wolf Plays in Jordan

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A don’t miss event! The School of Amman Ballet poises to entertain the community again in its 2nd show within the school’s first year: Sergei Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf will be presented at the Black Iris Festival on May 14th, 2010. Featuring the School of Amman Ballet, the production will be narrated by the ever popular comedian, Nabil Sawalha and feature professional dancers including Alaa Samman as the wolf, Shamil Shroukh and Lara Sawalha as Ivan the cat. Rosemary Martin a PhD. in Dance Studies from The University of Auckland, New Zealand, is contributing to the choreography of the show while she interviews dancers and gathers material for the book, Our Dance Stories, Middle East, part of a book series being published by I.B Tauris Publishing House, London.

The role of Peter will be played by the winsome dancer Serena Kishek, Sonia the duck by Raya Tuffaha and Sasha the bird by Tanja Torvinen, most recently having played Clara in The Nutcracker. Bring the whole family out early, on this National Family Day to the Black Iris Festival.

Peter and the Wolf will be performed at 12:30 p.m. only so you want to make sure you get good seats.  Admission to the show is free. Admission to the festival is required but at only 3 JD for children under 12 and 5 JD for adults, it is a bargain for a fun filled day.

The festival will continue with entertainment all day and activities for the entire family including bouncing castles, petting zoo, pony and camel rides, an open market and, of course, fantastic food. Exciting costumes are being created by KENZ, employing the graduates of the Al Hussein Society for the Habilitation and Rehabilitation of the Physically Challenged.

Peter and the Wolf production is made possible by our generous sponsors: Kentucky Fried Chicken,, 97.7 Energy Radio, VIVA and Layalina magazines and the Ramada Hotel.

For more information about Peter and the Wolf or The School of Amman Ballet’s Community Outreach program contact Melissa Sweiss, Director at 077-630-1300.

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